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Welcome to the world of polystyrene cutting. Not many people know of the many uses and advantages of polystyrene. Here at StyroMedia we specialize in the computerised cutting of expanded polystyrene which you can coat in various mediums for your desired finish. Explore our categories to see just how vast the uses are for polystyrene.

Polystyrene Cutting Technology

CNC Polystyrene Cutting Machine

We use the best machine on the market to cnc cut our polystyrene

StyroMedia is the proud South African distributor for Megaplot polystyrene cutting machines


We have over a decade of experience with regards to polystyrene and polystyrene cutting. Our timelines are very dependable and we do not promise anything we cannot deliver on.


We only use virgin material which means our polystyrene is of a very high quality and we do all our cutting on a computerised CNC machine which means maximum accuracy.


Our rates are extremely reasonable and affordable but our service and products are priceless. Prices can also be adjusted to suit your budget with small changes e.g thickness or size


Using the best in polystyrene cutting technology ensures that your profile is accurate with allowance for only small tolerances. Giving you the best cut every time.

Benefits of using polystyrene

Whether its sheets, balls, shapes or any other custom design

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